Laser projection for flexible composite manufacturing 4.0

Manufacturing cell with CAD-PRO laser projectors and DTEC-PRO camera system

Laser projection systems are key components in manual composite manufacturing to increase process efficiency and process reliability. In terms of Industry 4.0, they can also effectively support flexible and versatile manufacturing concepts. At JEC World 2018 (booth 5/R58), from March 6-8 in Paris, LAP will demonstrate... more

Application report: Laser-based fork positioning

The Hamburg intralogistics specialist STILL has implemented for the first time the XtrAlign line laser HY from LAP for the reach truck FM-X 20 HD. The laser allows for positioning the forks at the exact height. Open application report: more

Precise placement thanks to laser projection

COTESA is ready for takeoff for series production using LAP laser projectors

At its Mochau factory, high quality composite fiber components are being produced for the A320 Airbus family. In the future, the composite layup process will be completely supported by laser projection. COTESA has thus implemented the laser projection system, including laser projectors and control software, from LAP.... more

LAP announces the next major step in Radiation Therapy

LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen, a global market leader in external laser systems for patient alignment in Radiation Therapy, has announced the next major step into the field of Quality Assurance. The development of a 3D MR-compatible water phantom for commissioning and quality assurance will support the increased... more

Camera reduces calibration time

With DTEC-PRO, LAP introduces a camera system which makes manual calibration during the running production process redundant. This accelerates lay-up processes in the manufacturing of composites.... more

Successful donation campaign at DEGRO 2017 in Berlin

The 23rd congress of the German Society for Radio-Oncology (DEGRO) attracted a specialist audience of over 3,000 interested physicians, physicists and medical-technical assistants to the federal... more

LAP to present new laser measurement system for wires

At the Wire Southeast Asia 2017 (19-21 September, Bangkok, Thailand), LAP, German manufacturer of laser systems for measurement and projection, will showcase for the first time the CONTOUR CHECK WIRE... more

‘XtrAlign’: LAP refines line laser portfolio

LAP has restructured their line laser portfolio and bundles the line lasers for harsh industrial environments in the XtrAlign family. The new family name and the sharpened profile follow a clear core... more