LAP presents smallest and most lightweight laser projector of the CAD-PRO family

New laser projector “LAP CAD-PRO COMPACT” and new user-friendly projection software “LAP PRO-SOFT 5” will be showcased at JEC World in Paris

Project precise laser outlines based on CAD data

CAD-PRO COMPACT can easily be integrated in every workspace

LAP will showcase the new laser projector CAD-PRO COMPACT for the first time at JEC World 2017 (March 14-16, Paris, Hall 5A/booth R47). CAD-PRO COMPACT is the smallest available solution from LAP that can easily be integrated in every workspace. Little weight, swivel mount and one cable connection make placement a breeze. LAP’s solution offering is rounded off by the new projection software PRO-SOFT 5. Very user-friendly functions and innovative features accelerate and simplify manual composite lay-up in the aerospace, wind energy or automotive industries.

Smallest size, lightest weight

LAP expands its successful portfolio of high-precision laser projectors to include a brand new model: CAD-PRO COMPACT combines proven features of the CAD-PRO in a very compact design: Featuring a size of 24x11x11 centimeters and a weight of 2.8 kilograms the new laser projector is 20 percent smaller and even more lightweight. The reason: CAD-PRO COMPACT works without a fan. Thus, it is low-noise and power-saving and suited for operating conditions of up to 35 degrees Celsius in applications where no active thermoelectric temperature control is needed. Thanks to its small dimensions it can easily be integrated in every workspace. As laser source, CAD-PRO COMPACT features green laser diodes with more than 30.000 hours service life.

Very easy to install and handle

Like the established CAD-PRO, the new projector is housed in an attractive enclosure with IP54 protection class. Very short set-up times are guaranteed not only by the low weight and small size, but also due to LAP’s one-cable concept. For the laser projector only a single cable for data and power connection is required. This allows for failsafe wiring and easy installation. Also the swivel mount makes placement a breeze. The fixing holes of the mount are identical to those of standard CAD-PRO mounts. The aluminum mount is both lightweight and stable to support convenient and save mounting under the ceiling or on supporting structures.

Compatible with all CAD-PRO systems

Further advantage: CAD-PRO COMPACT is compatible and combinable with all CAD-PRO systems and PRO-SOFT versions. LAP laser projectors are a standard tool for precise placing of objects, showing working points or controlling positions. CAD-PRO laser projectors generate visible true-to-size outlines on the surface of objects or tools. The projection data is provided as CAD file and handled by LAP PRO-SOFT projection software. The system can be controlled by a PC, remote controls and/or tablet PC. 

New: LAP PRO-SOFT 5 for user-friendly operation

For the new PRO-SOFT 5, LAP has incorporated a couple of user-friendly features to accelerate and simplify workflow, e.g. in manual composite lay-up processes. The new look and feel of the graphical user interface is easy to learn and easy to handle as it follows the current Windows 10 design. In addition, you may change parts of the configuration and the scaling individually.

The highlights at a glance:

- Integrated help
Context sensitive help offers short explanation and link to the requested topic in the manual – for continuous workflow.

- Reports
Log files and the configuration of variable system data and settings may be stored as a PDF report.

- Projected laser menu
Handle important functions directly on the workpiece surface by remote control using a projected laser menu. No need to walk to the PC.

- CATIA V5 R25-Support
The software processes a variety of CAD formats. The optional CATIA import module now supports the current CATIA V5 R25 release.

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CAD-PRO COMPACT excels by its very compact design and easy handling.