LAP PRO-SOFT 5.0 available now

LAP releases new version of proven laser projection software

Control projection tasks, calibration, import CAD data, and reports

PRO-SOFT 5.0 comes on the market with a completely redesigned Windows 10 based graphic user interface.

Laser specialist LAP announces the new version of its proven laser projection software LAP PRO-SOFT. PRO-SOFT 5.0 comes on the market with a completely redesigned Windows 10 based graphic user interface. The user-friendly software is intuitive to use and can be implemented worldwide. In addition, PRO-SOFT 5.0 comes with a number of innovative features and configuration options, so users can control their laser projection tasks in production and assembly even more easily, flexibly and productively.

LAP PRO-SOFT is the professional solution for laser projection when it comes to the precise positioning and alignment of components and workpieces in production and assembly. Whenever any industrial application calls for CAD data to be projected onto surfaces, laser projection systems by LAP can be employed. Starting right now, the new version of the proven software for running LAP CAD-PRO laser projectors is available for global use.

User-friendly and intuitive

LAP PRO-SOFT 5.0 supports Windows 10 and boasts a completely redesigned user interface: All screen tools are designed for ease of use and intuitive operation: Whether displaying contours and projection details or zooming – the main projection control and calibration functions are centrally arranged and displayed with clear symbols. This lets production staff focus on the essentials. Training time for new employees is reduced to a minimum. In order to optimise the user interface for the application, the user can set up different screen views and various optional displays. They can also choose between a light or dark background, large or small toolbar buttons, and up to seven languages. The integrated help also provides context sensitive information and direct access to the comprehensive PRO-SOFT user manual.

New additional projection features accelerate processes

Apart from the modern surface redesign, PRO-SOFT 5.0 boasts additional features that make their daily work easier for users during the live production process. A particular highlight is the new laser menu: “The menu projection appears directly on the workpiece. Operators can now easily start proven basic functions such as automatic calibration or the ‘Viewport’ for defining projection extracts via remote control. One press of a button is enough; there is no need to go back to the stationary PC. This shortens paths and saves time, which simplifies processes enormously," explains Harald Grimm, LAP’s PRO-SOFT product manager.

Flexible configuration and control – even via tablet

The projection can also be controlled from a tablet PC or handheld device. The operator can perform the operation directly on site from a mobile device and select the next production step, for instance. This is made possible by the LAP client-server architecture. All projection data is stored centrally on the PRO-SOFT server, which is connected to all client PCs and projectors. Thus, users benefit from a high degree of flexibility when configuring the system.
Production features can also be flexibly adapted to individual customer requirements. Additional settings for the projection can be added or removed depending on the application and work order. Multiple projections, for example, can be combined or individually selected from a number of projected outlines with a simple click of the mouse. Further optimisation: Depending on the priority, the modes “High Speed” or “High Accuracy” can be set.

New: Report generator documents system states

Production managers also can gain important production-relevant data from PRO-SOFT 5.0: PRO-SOFT 5.0 provides a service module for logging extensive operating data. The report generator is another innovation that prepares user-specific site reports, documents system statuses, and displays order-based production details. In the future, these can then be used for further processing, e.g. in ERP systems or control station. In the spirit of Industry 4.0, this data supports the Smart Factory.

Faster data import, easy integration

LAP offers PRO-SOFT 5.0 together with LAP CAD-PRO laser projectors as application-specific solutions for composite manufacturing, and the concrete, stone and wood industries. To enable rapid data import without conversions, the software supports a number of CAD data formats such as IGES, DXF, HPGL, LPD and PLY. An optional import module also allows the direct use of CATIA data. LAP laser projection data can also be exported directly from the composite programs Fibersim by Siemens, TruLaser by Autodesk and the Laser Projection Operator by Dassault Systemes. Furthermore, easy integration into an existing customer environment is made possible by the TCP/IP interface.

“Laser projection systems by LAP really reduce the workload for production staff and facilitate measurable cost savings for the production head. Thanks to intuitive operation and new functionalities, users can configure their workflows even more easily and productively with PRO-SOFT 5.0. The flexibility in configuration, data formats and interfaces also supports user-specific integration into existing systems and production environments,” explains Ralf Müller-Polyzou, Head of Marketing and Product Management at LAP GmbH.

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