New blue & green movable laser lines for accurate placement in the tire-building process

LAP SERVOLASER tireXpert with laser sources in green, red and blue

LAP SERVOLASER tireXpert with diode laser sources in green, red and blue

LAP has manufactured movable lasers for the tire industry since 1998. The parallel laser lines serve as optical alignment marks for positioning rubber plies in tire construction. During automated tire production, the laser lines help to check their correct position. The LAP ‎R&D team has revisited & redesigned the industry-proven SERVOLASER to requests from tire OEMs including visibility, colors, speed & accuracy. In addition to the classic red laser diodes, the tireXpert will also be available in 4Q2013 with blue and green lasers for optimum visibility under different light conditions.

After 15 years, there are more than 2000 LAP SERVOLASERs currently in operation worldwide. Tire manufacturers from Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, to Pirelli have utilized LAP technology to increase productivity. Integrating green lasers is an extremely popular move within the industry, as green [632nm wavelength] is the easiest color to perceive, particularly on the black rubber. Furthermore, the lasers can be adapted to the light conditions in the tire production shop, ranging from 1 to 40mW power sources.

The tireXpert with the lowest power saves electricity; while the SERVOLASERs with up to 40mW of power are clearly visible even in very bright light conditions and on black surfaces. In addition to the colors, speed & accuracy, the tireXpert also features improvements in projection precision and line width, making it comparable to modern, high-speed precision production processes.

Fatigue Test: SERVOLASER –
Tested for parallelism for 48 hours under extreme conditions 

LAP is renowned for the quality of its products. In order to continue to uphold this reputation in tire production, too, our engineers test every single SERVOLASER for 48 hours, in which they constantly monitor the parallelism of the laser lines. Only after successfully completing this test will a SERVOLASER be approved for delivery. These stringent tests have proven themselves. Almost every laser employed in day-to-day production since 1998 are still in operation today.

An all-in-one enclosure: High precision, optimum visibility, certified robustness
In contrast with “homemade” products from other manufacturers, the extreme robustness of the SERVOLASER is certified to protection class IP54 (dust and splash-proof). This is a necessary requirement under the tough production conditions in the tire industry. Therefore, the leading manufacturers of tire building machines have come to rely upon LAP laser technology.

Technical data:
Travel speed: 1,000 mm/s (previously 200 mm/s)
Projection accuracy: ±0.4 mm at 2,000 mm projection distance
Laser power: 1 - 40 mW
Beam width: 10 - 90°
Line width: from 0.5 mm (half-width value, FWHM)
Rail width: 400 - 2,600 mm
Laser class: from 1
Laser colors: Red, green and blue

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