Laser projection for reliable assembly processes

Digital laser-based assistance system ASSEMBLY PRO speeds up manual production

The laser lines visualize, for example, positions or orientations of components but can also project assembly instructions.

ASSEMBLY PRO supports manual operations in production by laser-based assembly instructions directly on components.

In manual assembly operations in production, work instructions are frequently paper-based or not directly available on the object. With ASSEMBLY PRO, assembly processes can be faster, reliable and safe. The laser-based assistance system allows displaying work steps and positions of components from the CAD program directly onto components. LAP will demonstrate the system at the ‘10. Montage-Tagung’, 10-12 April 2018, Saarbruecken.

ASSEMBLY PRO supports manual operations in production by laser-based assembly instructions. By means of laser projection, contours can be displayed onto 3D objects in the correct position and therefore act as a positioning aid for the components to be assembled Laser projection data can be displayed directly onto components with a high degree of accuracy and in a clearly structured manner. The laser lines indicate, for example, positions or orientations of components but can also visualize work instructions. This step-by-step approach provides operators with skilled assistance in assembling even complex components.

Increased comfort and ergonomics at the workstation

LAP’s laser projectors CAD-PRO compact are the core of the ASSEMBLY PRO system. Thanks to their compact and space-saving design, the laser projectors can easily be integrated into different work areas. Since the compact models are designed without fans, no disturbing noises may distract the operator from his tasks. As a laser source, the laser projectors feature green laser diodes with a service life of 30,000 hours. The laser lines provide excellent visibility on virtually all surfaces, even in bright ambient light.

Higher efficiency in manual assembly operations

"Managed by the LAP PRO-SOFT software, ASSEMBLY PRO brings digital data from the CAD environment to the physical world of manufacturing," explains Steffen Gärtner, responsible product manager at LAP. "The availability of visual in-situ information directly on components enables faster production. The digital workflow avoids media breaks. In addition, further operating instructions or illustrative video material can be added to the work steps. This reduces errors, which helps to increase production quality."

How to easily create projection-based work documents

LAP will present technical potentials and fields of application for laser-based assembly assistance systems at the 10. Montage-Tagung „Montagetechnik und Montageorganisation“, 10-12 April 2018, Saarbruecken. An in-depth workshop will show how projection-based work documents can be easily created by using the CAD program Rhinoceros 3D. In addition to editing and exporting the laser projection data, projection sequences for individual work steps can be organized and optimized in the CAD program. It also allows defining laser color, projection times, and text information so that as a result a complete ‘digital laser work plan’ is created. An additional monitor at the workplace visualizes further information if needed.

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