Optimised prefabricated house construction with laser projection technology from LAP and Dietrich’s timberframing software

Time and quality are the crucial factors in the prefabricated house industry. And that is exactly where the focus of the laser projection technology from LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen lies. A laser line shows precisely the exact location of the rows of nails or screws, the position of the individual timber hangers, cut-outs and installation parts. That makes work much easier and increases the precision. The manufacturers can thus save time while also increasing their quality. The combination with a program such as that from Dietrich’s AG, an expert for CAD/CAM in timber construction and technology partner of LAP, allows the work processes to be further accelerated.

Between 15 and 20 percent of all newly built detached houses are made of wood. The renewable raw material offers a high living quality, is light and elastic yet still strong. The majority of the wooden houses are timber frame or timber panel houses. Here the supporting structure is made of wood that is then surrounded by panels of plasterboard or wooden materials. Insulating material packs the gaps between the walls. This method of construction permits a high degree of prefabrication by allowing whole wall structures or roof trusses to be assembled at the factory which then just have to be quickly erected on site.

Prefabricated timber houses thus save time and money. But even the slightest error in the production of the wall structure or roof elements have grave consequences for the house. How often do we read in the press of the problems which house builders have with crooked walls or floors, missing inside doors or electric cables. In order to rule out such errors, the manufacturers of prefabricated timber houses put immense quality control efforts into the production.

LAP laser systems optimise the prefabrication
 These efforts can be practically eliminated with the LAP Laser projection technology. "The LAP laser system projects the exact location of the rows of nails or screws, the position of the individual timber hangers, cut-outs and installation parts and much, much more," explains Martin Hegemann, responsible for Sales - Timber Industry at LAP. "With the projection of the outlines onto working surfaces and workpieces, the time-consuming and error-fraught measuring and marking by hand becomes a thing of the past. But the digital laser templates not only improve the accuracy and hence the quality in production, they also ensure higher production speeds and thus save money in two ways."

The LAP laser systems optimise the prefabrication of timber supporting structures in both industrial project construction and in residential house building. The projects are installed above the workplace, rigidly attached to ceilings and girders or mobile on slewing arms or on rails. Thanks to the laser systems, manufacturers of prefabricated houses can carry out even very complex constructions precisely and easily. Practically any form or size of roof is thus possible thanks to the laser-aided planning and production.

Powerful tool: The combination of LAP laser system and Dietrich’s software
 The LAP multicolour projectors show various elements and production steps in the process with three different colours (green, red and yellow). Thanks to this multitasking, several teams can be effectively employed at the same time to increase the productivity. The different colours make one or more tasks or work steps visible on a working surface; the colour can even be changed within a contour. The woodworkers frequently use the second colour to check the correct position. The third colour is useful for displaying additional warnings, instructions or numberings.

The system takes the necessary projection data from the existing CAD data or data from an engineering program such as the Dietrich’s software and projects the correct contours onto the production tables and production surfaces step-by-step. The Dietrich’s software has been specially developed to meet the high demands in this branch of industry. The combination of LAP laser system and the software provides the prefabricated house industry with a powerful tool that allows extraordinary design possibilities.

Time saved, quality assured
 "The LAP laser systems eliminate the whole production and management of cumbersome templates and measuring tools. That simplifies the work processes and the quality assurance. A further advantage: If changes to the design occur – nothing unusual with timber houses – the new projection file is simply uploaded. New templates aren't needed," explains Hegemann. "That all saves time - a very crucial factor in the prefabricated house industry."

The advantages of the new technology at a glance 

  • Laser calibration, outlines projected, element positioned – quick and uncomplicated
  • Bye-bye templates: The costly production, storage, management and cumbersome handling are all a thing of the past
  • Very high precision
  • Multitasking for optimisation: Several teams can work simultaneously on the same component
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