Plotting "at the speed of light" during assembly of circulating pallets for concrete pre-fabricated parts

During manual placement of formwork and parts on circulating pallets in concrete precast production, laser template projectors simplify many working procedures. They produce "visual templates" on the working surface and support exact alignment of parts. This way they secure the dimensional correctness of the final elements.

Manual assembly of circulating pallets for concrete pre-fabricated parts requires exact marking of the positions of formwork, cut-outs for doors or windows and any other relevant parts to guarantee for the dimensional accuracy of the final product. Even when using automated assembly by robots, additional elements like profiles, borders, electrical installations have to be placed manually. For both production methods exact placement is of utmost importance.

But manual measuring and marking of geometries is prone to errors - especially if the shapes get more complex. To prevent errors, in many plants computer-controlled plotters mark the positions on the surface of the pallets by spraying color lines. For production of single elements up to 15 metres, these plotters are complex, they need intensive maintenance and they consume a lot of space. 

Now you have an alternative: LAP CAD-PRO 2D laser template projectors. They display the outlines of all relevant parts by fine laser lines - exact to the millimetre, on the surface of the casing table. The projectors are mounted under the halls roof, quite above the travelling crane, in safe distance. They need little maintenance an besides the galvanometers (turning mirrors) they contain no moving parts. Capital investment is a lot lower than for a mechanical plotter.

The working process is quite simple: as soon as the circulating pallet arrives at the casing site, sensors check its position. Alternatively, the laser projector may detect the position using reference points ("targets") that are fixed to the pallet. Deviation is compensated for automatically by the projection software.

Knowing the position of the pallet, the projector(s) display the outlines of elements to place as brigt laser lines on the pallet surface. The lines are there immediately, virtually "at the speed of light". The worker can start placing the parts.

More complex elements may be displayed in several images one after another. This way, the laser projector may give the order of the working steps. As soon as one step is finished, the worker switches to the next contour by remote control and handles the next step.

Laser projection may play a valuable role in quality management, too. At the final stage, all outlines may be displayed simultaneously to check for presence and correct position of all parts. It just takes some seconds.

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