Save costs in steel production: Don't melt, measure

LAP Laser Measuring Systems eliminate scrap, increase productivity and allow you to reach the zero error quota in steel production.

High energy costs can strongly influence competitiveness in the steel industry. In particular, scrap and offcuts in the production of slabs, sheet metal and pipes require a great deal of energy when they are remelted. Using LAP measuring systems significantly increases measuring accuracy. The amount of scrap is reduced almost to zero, and energy costs are permanently lowered.

LAP GmbH is a specialist in the development, production, installation and commissioning of laser measuring systems for measuring the dimensions of unfinished and finished products in the metal and steel industry. "Preventing scrap which takes a lot of energy to melt down is one of the basic rules of steel production. Our LAP measuring systems are excellent in this regard, especially the ANTARIS SCAN sensors in conjunction with our evaluation software, Slab Check“, notes Dr. Axel Schulz, sales manager for the steel industry at LAP.

LAP laser measuring systems check the dimensions of long and flat products including slabs, billets and pipes. LAP fabricates laser-supported systems for the contact-free measurement of distance, width, thickness, length, diameter, contour and flatness for the entire process chain from continuous casting to the finished product.

Enormous savings from using LAP systems
LAP laser measuring systems enhance cost-effectiveness by reducing scrap and increasing throughput. "The more scrap is produced, the higher the production costs," states Dr. Axel Schulz.  "Let me give you an example. Let's assume that you produce 1,000,000 tons of sheet metal a year with sections measuring 5,000 mm x 45,000 mm x 10 mm with an optimisation potential of 50 mm on each side when cutting the width. Each ton of steel sheet metal sold yields a profit of €400 per ton with a sales price of €650 per ton and scrap price of €250 per ton.  If you could reduce the amount of scrap when cutting to size by just 2%, you could save or earn, actually, up to €8 million.

Precise and robust technology that quickly pays for itself
The sensors of the ANTARIS series use a triangulation method. A laser beam is reflected off the surface of the measured object and and is projected by a lens system and deflection mirror onto a light-sensitive target camera. Depending on the distance from the measured object, the position of the point of light changes. The signal processor calculates the distance between the sensor and surface of the steel products from this data.

By using LAP measuring systems, you avoid excess slab weight for example. This helps guarantee the per meter weight in sheet metal production, for example. Not only do you save material, you refine production in the energy intensive steel industry. "In addition, these savings mean that the LAP measuring systems pay for themselves quickly, as the calculation example shows," notes Dr. Axel Schulz. "Don't remelt, measure!" could be the motto of all steel manufacturers in the future.

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