Sports & leisure: LAP’s laser projectors refine carbon fins production

CAD-PRO laser projection system optimizes workflow and increases productivity for manufacturer of freediving equipment alchemy, Greece

The design of alchemy’s high-tech diving fins consists of several carbon fiber layers.

Carbon fiber fins produced by alchemy are another example in the sport & leisure industry that is constantly driving for highest performance. Photo by Jacques de Vos

In order to achieve highest performance of their innovative products, many sports & leisure companies rely on modern carbon materials. LAP’s high-precision laser technology successfully supports companies to reach this goal. The best example of this is the company alchemy, a worldwide leader in manufacturing high-tech carbon freediving and spearfishing equipment. Using the LAP CAD-PRO projection system, the company can take their composite production of carbon fins to a complete new level. LAP therefore now has a new user in the sports & leisure industry of their successful CAD-PRO system, which is the state-of-the-art tool for industries producing components from composite materials.

CAD-PRO laser projection system makes lay-up tasks easy and safe

The 100 percent carbon fiber fins for freediving & spearfishing are alchemy’s top product. The design of these high-end products consists of eleven to fifteen carbon fiber layers depending on the model. During the lay-up process the correct central alignment of each layer is crucial. Thus, alchemy utilizes the LAP CAD-PRO projection system to ensure that all dry carbon fiber fabric pieces are stacked in the correct places. For this task, LAP delivered the CAD-PRO laser projector, laser targets for calibration, and the user-friendly LAP PRO-SOFT TP software. CAD-PRO projects true size outlines onto the work surface. The data for generating the projection is directly imported from the AutoCAD 3D tool. This means that the worker knows where to place the layers and he can precisely center them with the laser lines.

Higher accuracy, more efficiency

The benefits, above all the accuracy and the digital workflow of the laser projection system, convince alchemy: CAD-PRO not only reduces complexity within the process but also leads to a noticeable improvement of production efficiency. “We are extremely satisfied with the result,” says Dimitrios G. Pantazis, owner and manager of alchemy. “The laser projection system is exactly what we needed to proceed with our constructions to a complete new level. Installation was simple and the accuracy and the ease of use exceeded our expectations.”

Sports & leisure – a worldwide growing market for carbon fiber

Companies worldwide such in the aerospace, wind energy and shipbuilding industry producing components from composite materials, have already been using LAP’s CAD-PRO laser projection system for many years. The sports & leisure industry is another important market for carbon fiber that will steadily grow at a global scale, particularly in Asia. Ralf Müller-Polyzou, head of marketing and product management at LAP, states: “Approximately 8.000 tons of carbon fiber are being used for sports & leisure products in 2016 representing a share of 11 percent of the global carbon fiber demand. According to market studies the segment is growing with an average growth rate of 3.8 percent representing a rather mature market. However, countries like China and India create additional market demand with the increasing spending capabilities of their middle-class citizens.”

Thereby, new products are entering the market: “Many sports & leisure products benefit from the exceptional properties of carbon material. In the early stage carbon golf clubs and fishing poles entered the market. Since then new products such as helmets, hockey clubs, arches and surfboards became popular. Carbon fiber fins produced by alchemy are another example in the sport & leisure industry that is constantly driving for highest performance,” says Mr. Müller-Polyzou.

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The design of alchemy’s high-tech diving fins consists of several carbon fiber layers.

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