The Siberian satellite: Precisely designed with technology Made in Germany

The Siberia high-tech manufacturer and Russian market leader for communication satellite systems has recently started relying in its production on technology Made in Germany – from the experts for laser projection systems, LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen in Lüneburg. With over 10,000 employees and 1160 spacecraft orbiting the earth, Information Satellite Systems M.F. Reshetnev the Number One among the Russian spacecraft manufacturers. The specialist for all orbits developed and launched two-thirds of all Russian satellites that are in either geostationary orbit or orbiting at heights of between 160 and almost 37,000 kilometres above the earth. With its laser projectors, LAP ensure the precise production of the communication antennae in the works near Krasnojarsk.

Until the start of the cooperation with LAP, ISS M.F. Reshetnev had outsourced its satellite antennae. Only after installing the COMPOSITE PRO laser projection system from LAP were they able to produce their own satellite antennae with contoured profiles. In the meantime installation has been completed and production is in full swing.

The new COMPOSITE PRO laser system from LAP that is also used by Airbus or in the production of rotor blade for wind power generators helps in the absolutely precise alignment and distribution of the CFR elements from which the antennae are made.

A further important production phase in which the projection technology from LAP is employed is the cutting of the individual carbon fibre workpieces. By means of CAD data, the contour is transmitted to the laser projectors and these mark the edge of the antenna components to be cut out on the workpiece. "Thanks to the projection, waste has been drastically reduced and ISS M.F. Reshetnev saves a great deal of material. The working hours can also be used more effectively, because fewer mistakes are made during production, i.e. when positioning the mats," explains Sergey Makaschutin, Sales Manager CIS.

Three laser colours for efficient production and maximum material savings
 LAP is the only manufacturer of laser projectors that can project three colours simultaneously (red/yellow/green). That allows certain areas where particular attention is necessary to be highlighted. By changing the colour of the whole contour from red to yellow or green, the system can also signal which parts are to be machined in which working step. "The three-colour technology was the crucial selection criterion for LAP from Germany. All the work is now faster and more economical. For example, the thicknesses at the various points of the antenna can be marked with the different colours. The whole process becomes clearer and much simpler for the designers than was the case when handling the clumsy templates," enthuses Vasiliy Danilov, Deputy Director of Works 039 of ISS Reshetnev. For greater mobility in the works, LAP has also implemented the control of the projectors via remote control or laptop computer.

The PRO-SOFT control software for the LAP projection systems permit precise and hence effective control of the projectors. Material utilisation is thus optimised.

The technical principle of laser projection
 In order to image a contour, two rotating electronically controlled mirrors (galvanometers) deflect a laser beam and project it onto the surface. This takes place at such high speed that the human eye perceives the contour as a continuous line. At a distance of four metres from the working surface, the laser projectors achieve an accuracy of ± 0.5 mm. 

Unique: Digital controllers for exact mirror control and projection
 The LAP PRO-SOFT software controls the whole working process from the input of the CAD data through the transmission of the control data to the projectors right up to the sequencing of the individual work steps. Furthermore, it guides the user step-by-step through the whole process of the layer build-up. 

LAP is the only manufacturer to use digital controllers to control the mirrors. As a result there is no internal system-inherent drift, the projectors are characterised by high repeat accuracy and stability of the projection.

The system automatically checks the position of several reference points on the working surface at freely variable time intervals and thus guarantees the exact calibration of the system (target check). Furthermore, automatic functions prevent operator errors and ensure the highest precision and reproducibility at all times.

The laser projectors are generally installed under the roof of the workshop or on a supporting structure. The laser heads are completely encapsulated. Dust is thus prevented from entering and the lasers do not become soiled. The active thermoelectric temperature control compensates fluctuations in the ambient temperature and thus ensures the long service life of the laser modules. The compact and lightweight design allows the systems to be easily integrated into existing production facilities.

ISS M.F. Reshetnev
 Named after its founder, M.F. Reshetnev, Information Satellite Systems M.F. Reshetnev is the largest Russian satellite producer. With more than 10,000 employees and 1,160 spacecraft orbiting the earth, it is the Number One among the Russian spacecraft manufacturers.
 The specialist for all orbits developed and launched two-thirds of all satellites that are in either geostationary orbit or orbiting at heights of between 160 and almost 37,000 kilometres above the earth.

The production of complete satellite systems, from the test phase through to the monitoring in orbit, are among the strengths of Information Satellite Systems M.F. Reshetnev. And that has been the case since the end of the 1960s. Since the mid-1970s, ISS M.F. Reshetnev has focussed on communication satellites – telecommunication, television and navigation signals from outer space are the fields of expertise of the Siberian specialists.

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