Increase efficiency with laser-based assembly assistance for control cabinet manufacture

Producing and assembling control cabinets can be much more efficient with the help of digitalization. Laser-based assembly assistance systems can form part of an overall digitalization strategy. These systems provide an effective way to reduce process costs with quick and easy implementation. Especially small- and... more

CONTOUR CHECK SHAPE – control of all dimensions and detection of (dimensional) rolling process of long products

Technical article: LAP adds rebar function to optical contour measurement and 3D surface inspection

LAP has added a new function to its contour measuring system CONTOUR CHECK SHAPE. The new “Rebar” function performs measurements of the complete contours of reinforcing bars during hot rolling. It identifies individual rolling defects which the systems routinely used up to now were unable to differentiate from one... more

Cells in a Smart Factory with multiple tools and workers

Technical article: Standardized manufacturing cells for flexible and versatile composite production in the Smart Factory

Standardized manufacturing cells for manual composite manufacturing can play an important role in the smart factory. In the spirit of Industry 4.0, these cells support efficiency and process reliability in the laser-assisted manual production of composite parts under ergonomically positive working conditions.... more

Junkers Ju 52 D-AQUI

Application report: Ju 52 lifts off supported by LAP High-tech

The legendary Junkers Ju 52 D-AQUI aircraft received a complete overhaul at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg. During the layover, the aircraft was completely dismantled. Taking over one and a half years, the extensive overhaul involved a complex structural renovation of the wing spars. more

Projected laser lines help to place mounting parts such as electrical sockets and display cut-outs for windows or doors

Technical article: Higher productivity and component quality with laser projection in precast concrete parts production

Precast concrete parts factories must produce large quantities of the same quality in an ever-shorter time. Manufacturing tolerances in the production of wall elements, ceilings or double walls must be precisely adhered to. Even in highly automated manufacturing, parts are still placed manually on pallets. In order to... more