Technical article: In-line laser gauging in rolling mills

Laser measurement systems optimize processes, improve quality and enable more rapid ROI

Locations for dimensional measurement of long products

LAP's laser-based thickness gauges and contour gauges based on light sectioning and laser triangulation offer diverse application possibilities and optimization potentials in metals rolling applications.

Laser measurement systems based on light sectioning and laser triangulation allow much more measurement functions than other systems like shadow-based contour gauges. This includes multiple dimensions along the full process route from casting to finishing, to automatic detection of rolling defects. This versatility supports process optimization and product quality improvements, enabling more rapid returns on investment. Laser thickness gauging can also replace dangerous radiation sensors (X-ray and radioactive absorption measurement) in a cost-efficient way.

The article has been published in: MILLENNIUM STEEL INDIA 2016. Read the full article as PDF download

Images: LAP GmbH, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Specialty Steel GmbH & Co. KG

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