Technical article: LAP adds rebar function to optical contour measurement and 3D surface inspection

CONTOUR CHECK SHAPE measures the entire contour without shadow effects and generates recommendations for action from the measured data.

CONTOUR CHECK SHAPE – control of all dimensions and detection of (dimensional) rolling process of long products

CONTOUR CHECK SHAPE measurement system

LAP has added a new function to its contour measuring system CONTOUR CHECK SHAPE. The new “Rebar” function performs measurements of the complete contours of reinforcing bars during hot rolling. It identifies individual rolling defects which the systems routinely used up to now were unable to differentiate from one another. It thus provides specific recommendations for action for optimum adjustment of the rolling stands. It also detects – on-line – both isolated and recurring defects of surface which have mostly only been discovered at the end customer's. Its complete and precise measurement of contours also makes numerous sampling operations unnecessary, thus significantly reducing quality assurance costs.

Since their market launch, contour measuring systems of LAP’s CONTOUR CHECK product family have proved highly successful in a great number of rolling mills of long products, where they have become an indispensable asset of the rolling process. LAP has now added a new function to its systems in order to meet the growing demand for systems capable of providing precise measurements of the contours of ribbed steel.

Traditional systems based on the shadowing method have been unable to provide this kind of measurement because the ribbed surface of the bars obstructs the view of part of the bar body. Not so the light-sectioning method, which LAP uses in the systems of its CONTOUR CHECK family. This technique guarantees full coverage of the complete cross-section of rebar by high-precision measurements.

Read the full article by: Dr. Uwe Knaak, Product Manager und Marianna Schröter, Marketing Manager, both LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen, LueneburgThe article has been published in Millennium Steel  magazine / May 2018. Copyright © 200-2018 Millennium Steel. All rights reserved.

Photos: LAP GmbH

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